Niagara Falls Chapter, NSDAR

Promoting Patriotism, Education, and Historic Preservation in Niagara County, since 1922

Chapter Officers

Chapter Regent, Barbara Diebold

Vice Regent, Jean Hayes

Chaplain, Melody Burow

Recording Secretary, Elizabeth Kline

Treasurer, Kathy Janik

Registrar, Jan Johnpier

Historian, Priscilla Noble Addoms


Barbara Diebold

Jan Johnpier

Jeanette Brooks

                               Isabel Korman Hobba

In Loving Memory of
Honored Chapter Daughter

Isabel Korman Hobba

Honorary NY State Regent
Honorary Chapter Regent

Daughter we miss thee....


Past Chapter Regents

1922-1930   Mrs. Frank A. Dudley
1930-1933   Mrs. Harry L. Noyes
1933-1936   Miss M. Gazelle Hoffman
1936-1939   Mrs. Roy E. Fowler
1939-1942   Mrs. William B. Leach
1942-1944   Mrs. George J. Reichert
1944-1945   Mrs. Paul J. Carlisle 
1945-1948   Mrs. Irving V. Cannon
1948-1951   Mrs. C. Chapin Childs
1951-1954   Miss Claris A. White
1954-1957   Mrs. George H. White
1957-1959   Mrs. Andrew H. Hageman
1959-1961   Mrs. R. Webster Smith
1961-1963   Mrs. A. Marshall Matheson
1963-1965   Mrs. Elmer J. Whitacre
1965-1967   Mrs. William F. Grauch
1967-1968   Mrs. Herbert H. Trought
1968-1969   Mrs. George H. White
1969-1970   Mrs. Robert R. Ashton
1970-          Mrs. Clyde K. Nelson
1970-1971   Miss Isabel Cornell
1971-1973   Mrs. Thomas G. Carlisle
1973-1974   Mrs. Lester H. Brown
1974-1976   Mrs. Stanley Pietak
1976-1978   Mrs. Fred C. House
1978-1980   Mrs. Ralph W. Lewis
1980-1982   Mrs. Frank R. Abel
1982-1984   Mrs. Richard W. James
1984-1987   Mrs. William L. Hobba
1987-1988   Mrs. Warren Harrington
1988-1989   Miss E. Jane Harrington
1989-1991   Mrs. William G.Smith
1991-1995   Mrs. Philo J. Brooks

1995-1997   Mrs. Harold Benedict
1997-1999   Mrs. William Burch 
1999-2003   Mrs. James Ibaugh
2003-2005   Mrs. Jack Johnpier
2005-2007   Mrs. Lynn 
2007-2009   Mrs. Donald Rice
2009-2012   Mrs. Jack Johnpier
2012-2014   Mrs. Lynn Diebold
2014-2016   Mrs. Ralph Burow